About Us

Nomin Holding LLC was first incorporated on 11 July 1992 as “Nomin-5” Sole Proprietorship. It was later expanded to become Nomin Trade Limited Liability Company on 22 January 1996 and Nomin Holding Limited Liability Company on 28 May 2002. Today, Nomin Holding LLC has about 5600 employees and 12 subsidiaries operating in commerce, manufacturing, service, construction, financial, insurance, and tourism sectors. We serve approximately 1 million customers monthly with double counting and have grown as one of the top national companies. We make meaningful contributions to the development of Mongolia and its public welfare with over 50 billion tugrugs (Mongolian currency) annually paid to the government budget revenue.

Moreover, we have received awards and recognition both nationally and internationally, including three-time winner of “Business Excellence Award of Mongolia”, Top 5 Entity out of Top 150, “The Best Company” award given by the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry, “Customer Service Excellence Award” given by the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations, “Best Commerce Sector Entity of Mongolia”, ”Importer Excellence Award”, four-times “Entrepreneur of the Capital City”, and “Entrepreneur of 2018”.

Our Mission:

We seek to become a leading company by growing our operations into internationally accessible, full-blown businesses while remaining highly respectful to our customers and partners, operating at the greatest speed, ensuring the best quality, and making meaningful contributions to the development of our country.    

We are working towards capturing a dominant share of the market, in which we operate, and building a PASSIONATE, ETHICAL, AND CREATIVE team. As of 2019, we have 3 department stores, 13 wholesale centers, 9 hypermarkets, and 14 supermarkets, 11 ecoexpress convenience stores operating in the capital Ulaanbaatar city and other local areas. We occupy 160,000 square meters of floor area and have developed into a NATIONAL supermarket chain serving over 1.3 million customers monthly. Furthermore, we have branch insurance offices operating in 21 rural provinces of Mongolia offering a complete set of insurance coverage services to the people of our country. Through pop-up stores, we deliver our services to all rural provinces, towns, and smaller areas.           

Nomin Holding LLC has successfully introduced three international standards of integrated management systems simultaneously. Thus, Nomin Holding LLC became the first entity in Mongolia that has ever introduced three international standards of integrated management systems simultaneously. Our hard work of a whole year has now paid off and we received the certifications for the following standards:     

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems;
  • OHSAS: 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems;
  • ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Systems.    

As part of our efforts of introducing and adhering to three international standards, we strive to ensure product and service quality, safety, and efficiency in all stages of our operation, create satisfaction of all parties involved in our business activities, respect our customers, and remain socially responsible and environmentally friendly.      

Nomin Holding LLC has membership in many organizations, including:

  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • National Productivity and Development Center;
  • Mongolian Employers’ Federation;
  • Trade Union of Mongolian Taxpayers; and
  • Mongolia Japan Friendship Association

We work actively to improve the business environment, develop standardization and quality systems, protect consumers’ rights, protect the environment, and solve pressing community issues.