Ulaanbaatar Impex

Ulaanbaatar Impex, Orbit street, 20th khoroo, Songinokhairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia




Supporting business operation of “Nomin Holding” company’s branch and units.

Serve to domestic and foreign entrepreneur and individual consumer, companies from one point and cooperate mutually beneficial.

Serve reliable delivery for importers and consumers as keeping inventories by sanitation and standard requirement.

Our service and Capacity

1. Freight forwarding clearance services department

“NOMIN LOGISTIC” has been working as operates international freight forwarding and upholds the interest of the clients. We are offering following service of freight forwarding for clients.

  • Shipping of import and export /by air, by ship, by, train and car/
  • Collection shipment
  • Door to service by car within the city
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Customs clearance and one point service
  • Packaged service of organizing project cargo
  • Unlocked and heavyset cargo
  • Bonded and regular warehouse service

Also, we are serving quickly at low cost as a professional team are making customs clearance in a day at Ulaanbaatar and our accredited delegations control freight operation of receiving and transmitting at Zamiin-uud and Selenge stations and harbor of the country from and transmitting country.

Railway service:

8 containers simultaneously with 803m lengths by 2 rail spur, 18 loading docks and regular cool warehouse with 1676 m2.

Customs inspection area:

Friendly, creative and professional team colleagues work and operate international transportation, clearance, and mediator with 32 tons of payload’s cranes at 8340 m2 customs inspection area with 80-90 containers holding capacity and 365m2 customs temporary warehouse.

2. Customs guaranteed warehouse service

We rent customs guaranteed warehouse with 1500m2 squares and 3000 tons capacity for exporter and importer as days/days, size/.

3. Cold storage service

We rent 4parts of storage with 2600m3, 470tons capacity and work in temperature (-12C) (-25C), with feron cooler for frozen food products as tons/days, size/days and m2/days. We have 24 hours security with CCTV.

Our advantage and other service:

Our entity has all kind of engineering networks, connected fiber optic cable internet, CCTV, alarm, integrated security networks, enough parking space, along the road of downtown and bus station.

  • We have3 floor office building and we rent office rooms for entrepreneur at low cost
  • The official representative of branches such as Nomin Union SLU, Nomin non-bank financial institution, Nomin insurance.
  • With 30 tons payload, auto car scale with 12m length
  • With wholesale warehouse of building material with 1200m2 square
  • Rent 20 and 40 tons containers for warehouse to companies and individual as well.
  • With iron plant which operates casting and woodwork.

Customs one point service:

It’s possible to take all services such as one point service of customs clearance and inspection, professional inspection service and state and bank financial service from one place.

Transportation and Mechanism service:

We serve as transporting within in city and countryside by around 60 tracks up to 1-40 tons payload, 4 lifters with 1.5 tons payload, 20 hand loaders with 1.5 tons payload and warm garage as well.