"Soyombo" Protection Services

Nomin United, Khan-uul district, Chinggis Avenue, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

7577-8888, 99020037, 99023350

“Soyombo” Protection Services was established in 2006. Our company has over 280 security personnel protecting the peace in over 30 entities such as the State Department Store, Nomin Department Store, and all the branches, shops, and organizations of “Nomin Holding” LLC in the city and other rural areas. Our company is supervised by professional individuals with past work experience within the police force, as well as the Special Forces.


  • Indoor and outdoor protection of entities and organizations
  • Safe transportation of valuable goods
  • Personal and private protection
  • Protection during public events
  • Protection at mining areas
  • Protection of candidates during the State Great Khural and provincial elections

Also, we are able to provide protection services on call at any time during the 24 hour period.


  • Majority of our staff consists of individuals who graduated security personnel training course within the Police Academy
  • We use the latest and highly efficient tools and devices
  • Anytime during the 24 hour period, if there are any intrusions, we are ready on call and arrive within 10-15 minutes to handle the problem
  • We adhere to a flexible policy concerning prices on the basis of mutual agreement with the other party   

We are ready to work with organizations, entities, and individuals who want our services.