Huvsgul ferry cruise

Khatgal village, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia

98113550, 98614024, 99042205

“Khuvsgul waterway” has been operating continuously for 8 years since it has established in 2009. “Khuvsgul waterway” company which is located in Mongolian beautiful nature is serving as collective of Mongolian biggest ship “Sukhbaatar” which has service of 360kg heavy-duty 4 storey building facilities, with travel area of 240 people, well-balanced in Stormwind, with lunch, retailing as well and has 50 years of experience in voyage for your convenience through Dark Blue Pearl named by tourists that is marvelous Khuvsgul Lake. As involving “Sukhbaatar” ship voyage, you can admire natural unique configuration around the Khuvsgul Lake and possible to participate interesting competition which is organized among voyager.


  • “Sukhbaatar” Ship is Mongolian biggest ship.
  • “Sukhbaatar” ship has 3 tow ships which are Urgats, Khuvsgul, and Dolgion
  • Total 86868 people had voyage on the “Sukhbaatar” ship since 2009.


  • Ship with Voyage program
  • Service of Tourist camp- Wooden house, tent, shanty, and Mongolian Ger
  • Restaurant- European and Mongolian food and around 50 seats
  • Museum- with around 100 animal and natural interest sights
  • Organize night journey, honeymoon, meeting, and party as an individual reserve.